Dr. Ronald Younes


Ronald Younes is a graduate (Doctor in Dental Surgery: DDS) of St. Joseph University Faculty of Dental Medicine, in Beirut, Lebanon.

He specialized, in Paris, in Oral Surgery, graduating with an advanced certificate (CES), and in periodontology,graduating with a University Diploma (DU) and an advanced certificate (CES); in Implantology graduating with a University Diploma (DU), in Prosthodontics graduating with an advanced certificate (CES); Lately, he earned a Masters of Biological Sciences (MSc) and an advanced studies diploma (DEA) in Oral Biology, and holds a PhD degree (“Doctorat d’Université”) from St Joseph University (USJ). He has authored and co-authored several international papers published in peer-reviewed indexed journals including Journal of Periodontal research, Journal of Clinical Periodontology, Clinical Oral Implant Research, and Tissue Cell; and has lectured in international events (EAO, Europerio, EFOSS, SFMBCB and MEDIC) in several countries: Lebanon, France, Sweden, Poland, Greece and SwitzerlandHis main interests are bone augmentation surgery, aesthetic implant dentistry, and mucogingival surgery. He is also a founding member and the scientific chairperson of the Lebanese Society of Oral Surgery; and the past scientific executive coordinator of the Lebanese Dental Association. He is a part-time researcher at the Universities of Paris 5 and 11). He maintains (in Beirut) a private practice limited to Oral Surgery, Dental Implants, and Periodontology. Currently, Dr Younes is Senior lecturer at Oral Surgery Department at St. Joseph UniversityFaculty of Dental Medicine.